Smack/URL TV: Calicoe vs Arsenal

Published on December 25th, 2011

New battle from smack and the boys and boy is it a battle. Arsenal is a very good rapper, but he loses me with some of his corny sh*t during battles, and he will never live down the “squidwards clarinet” line. Calicoe on the other hand is a street rapper with bars and a great delivery, the battle is in Detroit, which is his hometown, he has an instant advantage. That being said, this might have been Arsonal’s best battle. Gone was the corny joke sh*t, it was all business between these two and they put on a show. If I had to pick a winner I would go with Calicoe because he was just relentlessly consistent and Ars had some minor lulls. They both did their thing though.

Ps. Props to Smack for fixing the audio problem of the last event. They both sounded clear and crisp. Also, the Trick Trick interaction was crazy…his street status is f**king legendary.

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