G-Side-Island Album Stream

Published on November 12th, 2011

Huntsville or Huntsvegas as its affectionately known as, houses some of the dopest rappers in the game. The whole Slow Motion Soundz family past, present and future represent the very best southern hip hop has to offer. G-side, who have probably been the most consistent out of the massive collective, drop off Island just in time for the weekend.

Their last album The Cohesive was a concentrated effort to go left when everyone went right. It was moody, atmospheric and decidedly not bass driven but it worked…really well actually. Island isn’t as far reaching as The Cohesive but that isn’t to say that it sounds like anything else out right now because it doesn’t, its just more digestible for the casual southern hip hop fan. Songs like Cinematic, 16 shots ft Bentley, and Recognize ft. PH, should let you know just what type of group you dealing with. This whole album is good from front to back, which is quite a feat coming off an album in which the same can be said. It also bears mentioning that while ST 2 lettaz is a very good lyricist, his partner Clova is ever improving and more than holds his own on this project. I strongly recommend you give this this a listen and purchase afterwards…you’ll thank me later.

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