Obie & Em Together Again

Published on August 25th, 2011

Obie sat down with XXL mag. stated that he will have at least two tracks with old friend Em on his new album scheduled to come out in Jan. Em and Dre will have produced some stuff on the album also. To me Obie always put together good albums with quality tracks no matter what the buzz was like. His first album ‘Cheers’ nearly went platinum while his second wasn’t as successful, nevertheless it was hot though.

A highlight off his first album ‘Cheers’ was the single ‘Don’t Come Down’

One of my Favorites off this jawn is ‘Rap Name’ but you gotta hear the explicit version

And from his second album ‘Second Round’s On Me’ a highlight the single ‘Snitch’

But one of my favorite joints off this album was the ‘Trigga Trey’ featured ‘Ghetto’

In my opinion his second album was better than the first. Ain’t heard from him in a minute but I’m glad to see he’s still at it. Even though he’s no longer on ‘Shady’ I’m glad it seems that he’s sticking to the formula that works for him. Obie + that Dre & Em production is good work. Obie Trice always been a nice MC so I’m just waiting to see what he got for us.

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